When we ask our customers what they find to be the single biggest challenge of digital media advertising, we tend to receive quite varied answers. However, the cause of these challenges all boils down to one fact: it is harder than ever before for human beings to run campaigns in today’s digital landscape. No person can keep up with, or beat, the campaign results of smart and self-learning advertising software and AI.

Pure Digital is revolutionary in its unique software and self-learning AI. The more campaigns we run, the more data we get, and the better results we achieve.

Here are just a few of the key features we use to create our outperforming advertising campaigns:

Customised Campaigns

Want to promote convertible car test drives only when the sun is shining, and shut the campaign down when it’s raining? Not a problem. Want to promote golf shoes only when a major golf event is in your city? Can do. Want to advertise only when your hotel occupancy level drops below 80%? We can do that too. Customised campaigns are highly efficient due to their narrow scope and automated triggers, which can be anything from the weather to product availability.


Here at Pure Digital, we use something called predictive budget, which ensures you have control over your spend and don’t have to worry about shifting budgets between campaigns and ad sets. You choose the goal, and Smart budget allocation will automatically find the optimal budget distribution to maximise campaign performance. How does this work? Your budget is pooled across all ad sets across all your campaigns in order to optimise the performance of the entire group. Best performing ads are boosted while non-performing ones are shut down automatically, saving you money.


Killer Creatives 


Tired of double guessing which image to pick, or which ads could yield the best results for you? We allow you to launch your campaigns with multiple engaging and different creative visuals, and then let our software analyse early data to pick the best performing ads. No more arguments around the conference table about which image is likely to get the best click through, because you can’t argue with numbers.


Dynamic Retargeting

Retarget your ads based on what users did on your website and set up rules based on what they viewed, booked or purchased. These rules can also be used to upsell more profitable products in the same category.


Smart Prospecting

You may think you know your target audiences well, but data might prove you wrong. Smart prospecting automatically adjusts your prospective audiences if it detects opportunities outside your pre-determined target groups. This way, you capture new audiences and prospects you might never have found otherwise.