Customer: KIA Motors

Products: KIA Stonic and KIA Stinger launch (add Stonic and Stinger Pics in attach)

Target Market: Finland

Objective: Awareness and Performance

Tools: Facebook & Instagram Optimization Software

Campaign time: September to October 2017

Key Figures:

– 51% traffic growth to KIA Finland website

–  2152% increase in MyKIA website visits

– 950 booked test drives, the previous record was 265

– CTR 10,6%

– CPC 0.03

1 – Hi Niina, let´s start with the big question immediately. How did you find the results of KIA Facebook campaigns operated by Pure Digital by using one of the world´s best software platforms?

The results of Kia Facebook campaigns that we made with PureDigital were outstanding and totally exceeded our expectations. The results were better than ever before in terms of cost-efficiency, reach, and engagement. This was the first time we have ever received this detailed reports and actually, know the return on marketing investment.

2 – How did the key figures look like? Were there some positive surprises?

The biggest positive surprise for us was how well our Facebook campaigns directed traffic to our website. During the campaign month, we had +51% growth in our website visitors compared to same time month in previous year. The campaign analytics revealed that most of this growth came from social media which is something we have never seen before. Another very positive surprise was the number of sales leads we received from our website during the campaign, both campaigns generated all-time high sales leads for new upcoming models. Furthermore, the video posts performed twice better than estimated and engagement increased a lot compared to previous campaigns.

3 – Since you were our first ever customer, we are anxious to hear what did you think of our agency and the quality of the work?

I have been extremely happy with PureDigital’s analytical and scientific approach to digital marketing. Their quality of work, level of detail and extremely fast, flexible and friendly service attitude is something I greatly appreciate. The team is obviously experienced and I have 100% trust in them for our future campaigns. All the reports they prepared were easy to read and results well analyzed for future campaign optimisation.

4 – KIA gave us pretty much free hand to run and optimise the campaign in order to achieve best results. How did you feel about delegating so much authority and responsibility to us and did it work out?

PureDigital was able to build trust with us quite quickly. The key to this was their team who is very experienced, analytical and always has a good rationale for their suggestions. PureDigital has the skills and courage to argue if they see something would work better based on their careful optimisation work and experience. I believe that by giving them authority and responsibility to run and optimise our campaigns, we will get better results and maximise our ROI.

5 – Finally, what´s next for KIA in terms of digital advertising?

The next big step for us this year is a new mobile-optimised website that will enhance our customer experience. We will continue working with PureDigital in social media campaigns but also see them as a valuable partner in other digital marketing services.  Based on our experience with PureDigital I have trust that they are a great partner for us for building our digital presence and achieving better results in the future by using data-driven digital marketing and best software in the market.